Solelos is an innovative company that delivers resources and direction to any cutting-edge technology projects and companies looking to advance and reshape the IT industry. The Solelos team believes that technology should serve the people, which is why they are strong advocates of emerging technology adoption. Solelos aims to make the creation of products and education of end users easier, so that they can better understand the innovation that a product brings. One of company’s main goals is to create different collaboration and knowledge-exchange opportunities in order to not only celebrate the uniqueness of all participants, but also acknowledge that together we can do far more.

KickAssGrowth is a growth marketing agency with a proven track record of success, that has worked with a number of national and international clients over the years. The team consists of more than 15 passionate growth hackers and marketers whose goal is to help businesses achieve sustainable, scalable, and continuous growth. Based in Belgrade, Serbia, the agency was founded in 2016, and today it offers a variety of services to all KickAssGrowth clients, from SEO and UX/UI design, to ICO and blockchain marketing. The team behind the agency is constantly striving to find new ways to make projects and businesses succeed, and you can rest assured that they will come up with a tailor-made solution for any of your problems.

Blinking is a company from Belgrade, Serbia with expertise in developing and building blockchain and biometric-based security solutions. Blinking is comprised of a diverse, agile team of more than 20 engineers and software developers, and their mission is to create an innovative, trustworthy and practical software solution for digital identity management and the protection of personal user data. The Blinking team believes that digital identity is something every individual should have control over and that access to someone’s personal data shouldn’t be taken lightly. That is why they decided to create Blinking—a product that will provide companies with a reliable digital identity management and authentication solution, and at the same time give end-users complete control over their personal information.

MHT GROUP was founded in 2014, and it boasts a team of young, diverse, and ambitious people whose goal is to create the best possible solution for you. The team is not afraid of any challenges that come their way and when working, their main goal is seeing your project succeed. The company makes and customizes plastic cards intended for different purposes and businesses, such as IDs, membership cards, loyalty cards, hotel cards, as well as other accessories and devices for using plastic cards. MHT GROUP also provides custom solutions and devices for Access Control and Time Attendance, and Loyalty Systems.

Located in Bulgaria, Asebo is the trusted partner and leader in delivering premium solutions for the Banking and Payment sector. Their customers’ best interest is their primary focus, and their goal is to enhance their customer value by delivering the most secure, advanced and complete solutions available on the market. With team of specialists and executives backing them up, Asebo uses the extensive experience and market knowledge at their disposal to make sure that any of the solutions they deliver meet the exact and evolving requirements of specific market segments and changing needs.

RealMarket is a software development company from Novi Sad, Serbia, whose mission is to provide entrepreneurs, businesses, and investors with technology that will help them transition towards the “programmable economy”. This term is used in relation with a future in which autonomous software systems support and enhance the production/consumption of goods and services. RealMarket’s team comprises not only CS PhDs with strong research backgrounds, but also experts in a variety of emerging technologies. Additionally, the company works with industry leaders, such as IBM, via its membership in HyperLedger, a Linux-foundation blockchain consortium.

IUSAUTHOR is one of the leading law firms in Bulgaria that specializes in intellectual property protection and development. The company has offices in several major cities in Bulgaria and has recently further expanded its practice by opening an office in Oxford, the UK. Since its establishment in 2004, IUSAUTHOR has been specializing in protection of intellectual property rights, trademarks, industrial designs, patents, Internet law, blockchain industry, domain names and other online business identifications, as well as in the area of unfair competition, development of brand strategies, and trademark portfolio management. IUSAUTHOR provides fully integrated IP services for a wide range of industries. What sets the company apart is its rigorous selection of the best legal approaches available and the competitive edge that helps its clients increase the value of their businesses. The CEO of the office is Mr. Atanas Kostov, who is one of the leading intellectual property attorneys and specialists, nominated in 2017 as the lawyer of the year in Bulgaria.